Mihail Doman

Musician. Composer.


Hello, there! My name is Mihail Doman, and I write modern classical music.

Feel free to browse through, and see what I’ve been up to.
And make sure to listen to my new album – Neptune,
which has been released March 20th.
Exploring the boundaries of modern classical and electronica,
Neptune is a journey within. Read more here.

Also watch the 4K video for Part VI of Arhythmology, my first album.

If you want to support my music, and become a patron,
you can do so with a donation via Paypal.
Or just by sharing my music on your social media profile.
Thank you!

If you want to work on a project together,
you have the contact details below.
Let’s get in touch 🙂

email: contact@mihaildoman.com
web: mihaildoman.com
Bucharest, Romania