The Neptune Sketches Epsiode 2

“This intersection of grand orchestration and relative simplicity sits Mihail Doman at the crux of contemporary cinematic music, and there are indeed flickers of Hans Zimmer’s “Time” in the pluming, warming strings of “Arhythmology I”

“This is indeed what Mihail Doman supplies – lush piano-led meditations with electronic washes of atmosphere, romantic and thought-provoking, without being too overly-slushy.”

“Mihail Doman’s first full-length release is an epic realisation of his view of the human condition, as told through his music, which manages to be both minimalist and thought-provokingly complex.”

“Arhythmology is designed as an album to experience in one sitting – turn off your mobile phone, put on your headphones and drift away on the gentle, inspiring sounds and see where your journey takes you.”

Arhythmology is a story of
rebirth and new beginnings

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