“This intersection of grand orchestration and relative simplicity sits Mihail Doman at the crux of contemporary cinematic music, and there are indeed flickers of Hans Zimmer’s Time in the pluming, warming strings of Arhythmology I

“This is indeed what Mihail Doman supplies – lush piano-led meditations with electronic washes of atmosphere, romantic and thought-provoking, without being too overly-slushy”

“The stunning video for Arhythmology VI is a modern take on Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, and reflects female strength as well as beauty”

A story of rebirth and new beginnings.

Arhythmology is a story of rebirth and new beginnings. In the cycle of life, after every end there is a new beginning, but on an octave. Thus the circle becomes the spiral, winding upwards or sometimes downwards. In the same way, this album is the first step of this new cycle. And that is why the name was chosen – to unite a concept with a time and place. And isn’t music just that – a bridge, that joins the gaps between thoughts, feelings and people?

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