Mihail Doman | Composer

Exploring the boundaries of modern classical and electronica.

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Hello, there! My name is Mihail Doman, and I write modern classical music.

Feel free to browse through, and see what I’ve been up to.
And make sure to listen to my new release, Rebirth I, on Soundcloud.
Rebirth is a compilation of musical pieces inspired by the changing times we live in. Released one by one every month, the 5 pieces are a prelude to my new album, which will be named Humanity. An album which is still in the works and will be out in September 2020. Read more here.

Also, listen to my second album, Neptune, on Bandcamp.

And watch the 4K video for Part VI of Arhythmology, my first album.

“Mihail Doman’s first full-length release is an epic realisation of his view of the human condition, as told through his music, which manages to be both minimalist and thought-provokingly complex.”

“This intersection of grand orchestration and relative simplicity sits Mihail Doman at the crux of contemporary cinematic music, and there are indeed flickers of Hans Zimmer’s Time in the pluming, warming strings of Arhythmology”

“This is indeed what Mihail Doman supplies – lush piano-led meditations with electronic washes of atmosphere, romantic and thought-provoking, without being too overly-slushy.”

a world seen from the balcony, but still #beautiful, as the sun sets over a quiet boulevard.
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