This Sunday’s Thoughts about Things

Everybody wants a piece of you. That’s always so true.

Your employer wants you to be devoted and to share in his dream, although you will never share in his profits. How can one be devoted to a cause which is not a cause, but a business? Money cannot bring devotion, unless you you’ve sold your soul, and that is always such a valuable commodity.
And why not give your soul for free, for a true and noble cause?

People will want your attention, your like, your follow, but will not give the same feedback in return. We get so excited whenever one of our photos are liked, but make no mistake, everybody gives likes just like you do. And everybody has the same attention span that you have.

Forget about this world or better said, forget about pleasing it. It is what it is.

But if you maybe still think there’s a hope for it, then try to make it a better place. Write some music, get involved in public actions, give free hugs or whatever makes your heart say that’s it.

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