She smiled at me.
She looked at me with dazzling eyes
and I thought I could finally make her mine.
But behind all that appeared –
I learned –
lies a presence so powerful.

Odes have been written for her,
wars have been fought,
tears have been shed,
but still no man
has ever been able to
capture her.

This mystery ravishes my soul,
and I have yet to give it a name.
This beauty eternal –
intrinsic, all encompassing –
it has invaded my heart
and were I a weaker man
I would have fled into the
deepest, furthest corners of the earth.

But the brave man
stands his ground and says not
‘oh beauty divine, be mine’,
but rather he says
‘let my heart be yours’.

And her gentle and playful spirit
will toy with you,
and you will laugh and you will cry.
But you know that behind these
human emotions
lies something eternal, something
that when revealed,
will bring an end to the world
and all that you know.

And what can be more precious
than that ultimate knowledge,
when a man reaches
the edge of beauty
only to find that he is at the
beginning of himself?

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