Inglorious War

Recently I’ve been watching a great series made by the BBC, called “The Hollow Crown”. It’s a very good screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s history plays. Among them is “Henry V”, about the short rule of the British monarch and his military campaign in France, where he defeats the French in the bloody battle of Agincourt.

Welcome to this week’s article where I talk about current events and the feminine.


The main theme of the work is war: all the horror and suffering and also the glory and heroism.
And with all that’s going on these days, it got me thinking – and I’m for sure not the first one – about why do people really go to war? I feel it’s an essential question, because it really makes one go to the beginning or to the essence of things.

Truly, if one asks any person on the street if they would choose war over peace, there would be no one who would say yes – apart from the occasional psychopath of course.
The idea of spending billions upon billions of dollars to find more ways to kill a man, is something close to insanity, when you really think about it. At first there were rocks, then there were cannon shells, then mortars, bombs, rockets.. And then the horrible nuclear and hydrogen bombs – which are an invention so evil, it’s really beyond comprehension.

So why is this happening? Why are history books for the most part collections of warfare stories and dates, and discussions on why this war broke, what did that war achieve etc? Some cynical people say it’s in human nature to be violent towards one another. Other people say there’s a hidden hand who’s always behind any conflict, cunningly manipulating both sides, and secretly benefiting the most. Christians say it’s the prince of darkness himself who pushes people to do such things, while evolutionists think that the strong will always try to dominate and conquer the weak – such are the laws of nature.

Of course, this is a very long subject, which has been debated for centuries. I will not try to answer it, even if I do have my own theories about it. But I feel that in today’s world, with all this information at our finger tips, the most important thing to raise awareness about is this question from the beginning:why do people go to war?
Maybe it’s better for people to study and research this on their own. Maybe it’s better one formulates his own intelligent opinions, rather than waiting like a baby to be spoon fed opinions, by master manipulators, who have their own agendas.
I will say two things, though.



Everybody talks about the imminence of World War III. But if one takes an objective look at the world, it becomes so clear that this war has started long ago. It’s been going on for more than half a century. But it’s not a type of war seen before. It is a quiet war, fought with silent weapons, and it’s a war for people’s minds and really their souls.

It’s enough to turn on the TV for 5 minutes and one will be bombarded by a thousand opinions. And everyone is trying to get you on their side, to get you to follow their agenda. There are so many actors on this theater of war, that many a people just give up and they decide not to make any decision in one direction or another. They say ‘to hell with it’ and they turn to their films, TV shows and video games – tired, complacent.

Who the architects of this war are, it remains for each one to decide, upon careful research and observation. What is undeniable, though, is that this is the reality of the world we live in, and should not be ignored – and cannot in fact be ignored.



We live in a male oriented society. It’s been like this for thousands of years. This patriarchal warrior society has been around since the end of the Neolithic, so that would be about 6000 years. But before that – in Europe at least – there lived a peaceful group of cultures and people, albeit not a very technologically advanced one. According to Marija Gimbutas and the Kurgan hypothesis, these people were peaceful, oriented towards nature, and worshiped the cult of The Goddess. Not much remained of this, but interesting and sensual statues and rather sensual sculptures.

But what is clear is that The Goddess – whatever her name had been – was an archetype and a symbol for the creative and sustaining energies of the Cosmos. The world and everything in it, with the stars, the moon and the oceans, were seen – metaphorically – as springing from this matrix, this great cosmic womb of The Eternal Goddess. This was their axis mundi and it gave people peace and prosperity.

But when the warrior tribes of the indo-europeans invaded Europe, they brought with them the male deities – warrior like and fierce and aggressive. And the rest is history – i.e. this vast collection of war stories.

Maybe if we returned to a time when women – and the feminine energy – were the center of our world, and the purpose of our worship, we would know peace. Of course, no one is saying to get back to the Neolithic way of life. But now that we’ve come full circle and women are again respected, or at least there’s an awareness about this, we can make this world peaceful again. Maybe, if at least symbolically – and more importantly – energetically, we rediscovered women and the feminine aspect, the world would truly be a better place. Maybe it would be what it was set out to be in the first place – a wonderful adventure.

There’s a joke: if all the countries in the world were run by women, there would be no more wars. There would just be a bunch of countries not talking to each other.

I could live with that :)

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