Some Interesting Facts about the Movie “Passengers”

I’ve recently watched the movie “Passengers”, and I was surprised that a film with basically two characters can still be exciting and have a good story. Add to that the ambiguous moral choice that Chris Pratt’s character makes, and you have an interesting story. But there is more to this particular tale than meets the eye.

Welcome to this weeks article, where I list some interesting facts about the Movie “Passengers”, facts which will surely arouse interest in some of you.



Jennifer Lawrence’s character is called Aurora Lane.
Aurora is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Eos, the goddess of dawn, who has two siblings: Apollo – the god of the Sun, and Selena – the goddess of the Moon.
The movie was released on the 21st of December – the day of the Winter Solstice, when the night is longest. But because the days grow longer and longer afterwards, this moment has traditionally been seen as the triumph of Light over Darkness. So the Solstice is the darkness before dawn, if you wish.
A lane denotes any narrow pathway – as in “the straight and narrow”.
Jennifer is a Cornish form of Guinevere/Gwenhwyfar adopted into the English language during the 20th century. And Guinevere is in Arthurian legend the wife of King Arthur.

Chris Pratt’s character is called Jim Preston.
Jim is short for James, which in turn is the Vulgar Latin version of the name Iákōbos. In the Old Testament, Jacob is the son of Isaac, who later changes his name to Israel and has twelve sons of his own – the ancestors of the 12 tribes of the Children of Israel, and a daughter, Dinah.
In the New Testament, Jacob is considered to be the (half) brother of Jesus, or perhaps his cousin, who led the original Messianic Community in Jerusalem after the Ascension of Jesus.
Preston was originally derived from a place name meaning “priest town”.
Chris is short for Christopher, which can be translated as “Christ bearer”. Notably, St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

Michael Sheen’s character is called Arthur.
Very obvious reference to King Arthur, the legendary and probably mythical ruler of Britain. His tale is very closely related to that of the Holy Grail.

Lawrence Fishburne’s character is called Gus Mancuso.
Gus is either short for Augustine or Angus.
St. Augustine, was a significant early christian theologian. Before his baptism he embraced neoplatonism.
Angus is an Anglicised form of the Irish and Scottish Gaelic Aonghas, which is composed of Celtic elements meaning “one”, and “choice”.
Mancuso is an italian surname derived from a sicilian noun , related to the italian “mancino”, which means left handed. So one might translate the name as “the one who choses only the left”, or the yin aspect.
Fishburne, interestingly, has a connection with both the words fish and born (from birth). The fish was originally the symbol of Christianity, and astrologicaly, the constellation Pisces, is defined by the idea of faith.

The star ship is called Avalon.
Avalon is the place where King Arthur is taken after fighting Mordred at the Battle of Camlann to recover from his wounds. It’s also the place where the sword Excalibur is forged.
The word Avalon is thought to derive from older languages, and to mean “apple tree”.

Aurora’s best friend is called Celeste. And the actress’ real name is Aurora. :)



The star ship has three bodies attached to the main ship via 6 arms (2 for each body). Seen from behind it draws a six pointed star.
The poster features the word SOS written in Morse code, which is made up of 6 points divided by 3 dashes.
The word Passengers features 6 horizontal lines making up the two ees.
The logo of the Homestead Corporation is a six pointed star, drawn with hexagons (six-sided polygons).
One of the production companies – Village Roadshow Pictures, features six vees.



Instead of a conclusion, lets leave it to Mr. Langdon and Mr. Teabing to explain what all of this means:

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