The Neptune Sketches – Episode 2: The Synth Sound Design

Here’s the second installment of my Sketches series. This time I’m studying some ideas for the synths of my new album.

I was very fascinated by what I read about the planet Neptune, and about what the weather is like in there: 2000 km/h winds, temperatures downwards of -200 Celsius and deep inside the atmosphere, pressures strong enough to decompose methane and crush carbon into diamonds – which fall through the planets interior like “diamond rain“.

So that’s why you’ll hear so much compression in this sketch. Everything is squashed together to make one big instrument.

The sound is based around the FM8 pad, which I’ve designed myself using good old fm synthesis. Then, there’s white noise coming from Absynth, which gives one the impression of rain. And last, some nice Reaktor synths, to give some movement to the piece.

So here is the song:
Enjoy :)


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