Lorraine Museum

Lately On My Mind


I’ve been thinking a lot about Paris – The City of Lights / Love :) I was there last year, in September, and I loved it. One giant work of art, from the urban planning and transport network to the architecture, museums and even the way people dress.
I was also quite surprised about how much Bucharest resembles it. They don’t call it Little Paris for nothing.

I’ve started working with Duolingo to learn French. I’ve also started to watch french tv and films. Fais pas ci, fais pas ça is a very funny show, even when you don’t understand much of the words.

France, here I come. :)

Wonder Woman

Not Wonder Woman, but Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.
What a charming film about true love, about relationships and the power of women. In a way it is an origin story to the DC Comics tale, but a much more profound one.
One can only hope to be a man as strong as the character played by Luke Evans.

Death and Taxes

“Nothing in life is certain, but death and taxes”, wise men say.

What a fascinating and exhilarating journey life is. One can do so many things and go to so many places. Truly, in this day and age, not even the sky is the limit. :)
So why not just live life to the fullest, and worry about the sombre aspects when the time comes?

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