The Soundtrack To Your Memories

You know how some people take a thousand photos when they travel, then make all their friends watch all those pictures – most of them not really that good to begin with, along with stories and explanations?

Welcome to this week’s article, where I talk about a different kind of memory. :)

Above France

If you’re an auditive person like me, you will probably be very inspired by music and sound in general. You will probably listen to a lot of music in your headphones when you’re walking around – be it only an evening stroll or an early morning plane ride to some distant country.

If you are like me, then what I recommend is to choose a music album to listen to for each trip you take, or in general for each life stage or moment. You might just do it spontaneously anyway.
This way, when you’ll listen to the same music years later, you’ll still be reminded about what you went through, where you were and how you felt.

Let me give you a few examples:



What really inspired me to go to Firenze in 2016 was the film The Da Vinci Code, so it makes sense that when I was strolling down the narrow streets of the old city centre, I was listening to the soundtrack of the movie – composed by Hans Zimmer.
And although the action of the film takes place in Paris and London, it still felt so right.

Even today, when I listen to the mysterious beginning to Dies Mercurii I Martius, or to the epic hymn Chevaliers de Sangreal, I am reminded of the Ufizzi museum, the breathtaking view from the Giardino delle Rose, the long walk through the woods on Via Galileo all the way to the Porta Romana and to what was probably the most wondrous part of my trip – the hike up the hill in Castello where I gazed at a perfect sunset, which still haunts me to this very day.



The hills of Cathar Country, in Southern France are quite different from those in Tuscany. They have this austerity about them. The Sun and the light are different here than in Italy – they’re not quite so warm, but more dense, if this makes sense.
This place felt a bit harsh, but there was something truly mystic about it – a feeling that the mountains and the hills are alive and that they guard a huge secret, which a lot of people have tried to discover.

When I was here, I stayed in Limoux, so I had to take a bus or train to Couiza and the next day to Carcassonne. And the music chosen for those trips was the soundtrack to the Netflix series Stranger Things. The show isn’t really my taste, but the music is amazing.
Who doesn’t love old-school analog synths? Or that fascinating and thrilling theme song?

The first trip was the one from Limoux to Couiza. I was in a bus which made it’s way through this foresty road, early in the morning. And listening to the lonely synths playing the nostalgic themes, turned me inwards to fantasy. The feeling really was that of stepping into another dimension somehow.
And then there was the climb to Rennes-le-Chateau, with the beautiful scenery – vistas with those beautiful mountains in the distance.

If you want to see magic, go there and you will see it. And while you’re at it, listen to this music, even if at first glance you’ll think it doesn’t fit.



One last example, also from France.
After Aude, I left to the French Riviera for something a bit more posh and I must say I was not dissapointed. I stayed in the very pretty town of Villefranche-sur-Mer, just outside of Nice, but away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Just a few days before leaving for France I met my wonderful girlfriend, so I was very much in love durin this trip, even though we only spent about 3 days together. She was on my mind a lot.
When I arrived to the Cote d’Azur I stumbled upon Coldplay’s new EP – Kaleidoscope, on Deezer, and the spacey chords, swooshing pads and soulful lyrics really amplified those feelings until a very strong romance took a hold of me.

The beautiful sea with its deep azure hue was a mystic companion to the story of me and her – the one who’s touched my heart and took me into hers.

So tell me, what is the soundtrack to your memories?

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