Mihail Doman’s music may appear to be simple, but the sensible listener will find that it is doubled by something bigger than the composer.  It is something which speaks of rebirth and new beginnings, of the sacred feminine and of humanity.

Mihail Doman
30 years old

1988: born in the pretty mountain town of Curtea de Arges
1991: talking
1993: reading
2001: listening to rock music
2003: bought my first guitar
2005: playing around with Fruity Loops
2006: listening to electronic music
2007: moved to Bucharest
2008: listening to classical music
worked a lot of jobs here and there until the age of 25
2013: bought my first bass guitar
2013: working on what was then supposed to be my first classical music album – Destiny
2013 1/2: playing in numerous acts in the local scene (as a bassist or guitarist)
2014: bought a Fender Precision Bass – great instrument
2015: started work on Arhythmology
2015: stopped playing club gigs
2016: worked a regular job
2017: released the album Arhythmology, and the 4K video for Part VI
2017 3/4: started work on the 2nd album – Neptune

Read more about my activity so far here.

Mihail Doman