Composer exploring the boundaries of Modern Classical and Electronica. Released 4 studio albums (Humanity, Rebirth EP, Neptune and Arhythmology) and wrote the original soundtrack for the video game Beyond Mankind.

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The songs build their way up, so please give them a minute.

The Clock Is Running

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Gritty, brooding, pulsating, part ominous and part darkly epic, with a few gear changes.
For a realistic drama-thriller set in the sketchy high-stakes criminal underworld.

Conquest Of Dystopia

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Unfolding slowly and steadily gaining momentum, starting from an inquisitive place to a more epic and grand conclusion.
For an intelligent post-apocalyptic sci-fi film which also has a lot of humanity.

Warriors Of The Dawn

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A traditional progression featuring a string orchestra, big brass, thunderous percussion and a more modern rhythm development in the second part.
For an epic action blockbuster with a main charismatic hero who saves the day.

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I am available for collaborations. The contact details are below:

email: contact@mihaildoman.com
web: mihaildoman.com
Bucharest, Romania