‘Humanity’ is an exploration of the human experience seen through the lenses of the 5 classical elements.

In these dehumanizing times, what is more important than going back to our very essence, to that which makes us human in the first place? ‘Humanity’ asks this question and attempts to answer it with 7 pieces inspired by our collective experience on Planet Earth.

The pieces are each viewed through the lenses of the classical elements of ancient times: fire, earth, air and water. Here, these elements are seen as concepts and ideas which perfectly encapsulate different aspects of the world we inhabit. And this connection to them is made even stronger through the use of separate musical modes for each track.

This hearkening back to the ancient world is meant to tap into our rich collective unconscious, and give ‘Humanity’ an archetypal dimension. But in the end, beyond any attempt at high-concept art, the soundtrack has a certain naïveté about it and a very simple message: that above all else, there is something within us that makes us noble and saves us all.

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Mastered with Cloudbounce.
Sunrise photography courtesy of NASA.