June 21st

Hi guys! Michael here.

Continuing with the tradition of three months between my newsletters, I’m here to bring you a few updates 🙂

My new Telegram channel

Censorship and throttling posts have become quite the norm on social media nowadays. If you don’t pay for ads, you’re lucky if you reach 10% of your audience. So I decided to start a Telegram channel, for those who want updates from me directly in their inbox. The channel will feature the same posts i put on social media, but what’s different is that you will ACTUALLY get to see them this time.

So here is my warm invitation to all of you to JOIN my Telegram channel and be part of my growing community and – why not – my artistic mission 🙂
The link is: telegram.me/mihaildoman

‘Humanity: Anthology’

I’ve also started working on my new project called ‘Humanity: Anthology’. It will be an EP with a few tracks and it will hopefully be out around September. I can’t say much about it other than the fact that it will complement ‘Humanity’ in a certain way.

In the mean time I recommend giving ‘Humanity’ a few more listens. And in case you didn’t get a chance to join the March 20th event, you can still watch the video on my Youtube channel. I’m curious what you think of the choice of featuring space photography while the music is playing 🙂

Watch the video on Youtube:

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Author: Mihail Doman

Composer exploring the boundaries of Modern Classical and Electronica. Checkout my new project, Rebirth, and sign up for my Newsletter for updates.More at mihaildoman.com.