September 23rd

Hi guys! Michael here.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates. These past few months have been quite busy, as I’ve been working on an interesting project. But I do have some interesting news. Read on 🙂

‘Rebirth’ re-mastered

Finally, after a few months I managed to make the time to re-master ‘Rebirth’. What that means, basically, is that it just sounds much better and polished. Check it out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud and tell me what you think of the new sound.
Btw, everyone who bought the album on Bandcamp can now download the new versions.

And in even bigger news, the album will be on Spotify, Apple Music and many other online platforms in the next few weeks. So keep an eye out for that.


You’ve probably seen that I’ve been releasing these short piano videos every few weeks. It’s all part of my ‘Reveries’ series – a collection of short piano songs which are just spur of the moment things, with nothing rehearsed or planned beforehand. You can watch the videos on my Youtube channel and generally on my Social Media accounts.

And starting today everyone who signed up to my newsletter can download the songs in MP3 format, for their own listening pleasure. Just go to the sign up page, if you haven’t already.

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