Musician and composer currently living in Bucharest, Romania.
Gemini. 30 years old.
Self-taught. Writing music since 2013.
Played guitar since 2003, bass guitar since 2013
and the piano since 2015.

Mihail Doman


Neoclassical music with electronic elements to give the music another dimension.


Arhythmology – a story of rebirth and new beginnings. Was out in May 2017.
[…] In the cycle of life, after every end there is a new beginning, but on an octave. Thus the circle becomes the spiral, winding upwards or sometimes downwards. In the same way, this album is the first step of this new cycle […]
Listen to Arhythmology in full below and read more about the album here.

The 4K video for Part VI of Arhythmology – a film about feminism with influences from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, but also from Plato’s philosophy regarding the five elements and their corresponding solids.

Neptune – my next album, which will be released in March 2019.
Listen to a sneak preview here:

Piano Videos


Reaper 5

Reaper 5

* Also worked with Steinberg Cubase and Propellerhead Reason for a few years.

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate

Spitfire Symphonic Strings

Waves VST Plugins


“Arhythmology is inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre in its evocative swells and flowerings, but Mihail Doman shepherds his glacial futurism back into the familiar piano-led bounds of modern classical, more akin to a Philip Glass than an Aphex Twin.”

“Mihail Doman is one of the second wave of solemn tinklers who thrives on people hearing every note and insisting they sit quietly and listen to it properly.”

“Mihail Doman has created nine textured suites to allow the listener to construct their own visuals, without an overbearing narrative or structure influencing the experience.”

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If you want to work on a film, documentary,
theater play or any type of art project,
you have the contact details below.
Let’s get in touch :)


Bucharest, Romania

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