There Is A Great Evil In This World

There is a great evil in this world. An evil that stands at the root of everything that we know. An evil so integral to the fabric of our society, that almost none of us can recognize it. An evil that is so tightly embedded within human existence, that we all see it as being just a part of our lives and of our world.

In the abject abyss of blissful ignorance where most people live, the truth of this evil could not possibly reach their deaf ears. For them life is all rainbows and unicorns, and woe to those who dare disturb their fantasies. ‘Who dares say that two plus two does not equal five?’ they all shout in unison. But yet, despite their objection, this evil still exists.

The name of this evil very few know, and most of those who claim they do barely scratch the surface. The name of this evil is a mystery to many but for the wise ones. The number of this evil, however has been known in books of old. And the careful observers will see this number everywhere today, if they look careful enough.

This evil does not sleep. This evil does not rest. This evil will not stop even for one second in its malignant machinations. No expense is too much. No sacrifice is too big. As the old book says, this evil comes with great wrath, for it knows its time is short. And it is these hard times we’re living in right now that are marked by its great wrath.

This evil rules as king in this world. This world of untamed passions and war. This world of violence and hate and repugnant ideas. This world where rampant institutionalized pedophilia is part of the norm. This world where human trafficking, the drug and arms trade are the life blood of the crooked economic system. This world where glorified gangsters rule shamelessly over deplorables who are happy with the breadcrumbs from their master’s greedy meals. This world where there is no more any sense of center, of morals, of principle. This world where the wise are seen as crazy, and the narcissistic are seen as virtuous. This world where those who preach tolerance sow division. This world where war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

There is only One who will deliver us from this great evil. It is the One who bares a thousand names: God. But not the God of religious institutions, and not the God of books written by men. But the true God. The Source of all Creation. The One who is the underlying essence of everything. The One who is the mathematical, logical and philosophical conclusion of everything there ever was, and ever will be.

This great evil poisons the minds of men and women to make them think they stand a chance against universal evolution, but in the end, God shall prevail. And it will be up to each and every one of us to make a choice if we want to stand beside Him or against Him. Make no mistake, that choice will come for each and everyone of us.

May God light our paths and deliver this Earth from this great evil!